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Light Bulb Sockets and Adapters

Halogen Lamp Sockets Socket Adapters
Assorted sockets that accomodate G4, G5.3, GX5.3 G6.35, G8, G9 and GU10 halogen bulbs.
Assortment of adapters that allow intallation of bulbs into fixtures that have a larger or smaller socket.
Socket Extenders Linestra Sockets
Assortment of socket extenders for applications where the bulb cannot reach the socket.
Linestra Sockets - Use as replacements or for custom applications when installing Linestra linear incandescent bulbs.
GU24 Line Voltage Sockets Mogul Base Sockets
Replacement sockets for GU24 Twist and Lock compact fluorescent bulbs.
Replacement mogul (e39) sockets for HID fixtures or special applications.
Wedge Base Lamp Sockets
Wedge base sockets are often used for landscape lighting fixures. Use as a replacement or for custom appications.
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