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Landscape Light Bulbs

12 and 24 Volt Candelbra Light Bulbs 12 Volt Type A Light Bulbs
Candelabra Base
Clear Finish
12 and 24 Volts
15 to 40 Watts
15 to 100 Watts
Standard Base
Clear or Frosted Finish
AR111 Halogen Light Bulbs Colored MR11 Halogen Light Bulbs
111mm Diameter
G53 Base
35 to 100 Watts
1-3/8" Diameter
G4 Bipin Base
12 Volts
Assorted Colors
Colored MR16 Halogen Light Bulbs Colored PAR Halogen Light Bulbs
2" Diameter
GU5.3 Bipin Base
12 Volt
Covered Glass Face
Variety of Colors
PAR20, PAR30, PAR38
Assorted Colors
50 to 90 Watts
Miniature Bayonet Halogen Landscape Bulbs PAR 36 Halogen Landscape Flood Lights
Popular 12 Volt Halogen Landscape Bulbs
4-1/2" Diameter
Screw Terminal Base
20 to 50 Watts
PAR 36 Incandescent Landscape Flood Lights Landscape LightPost™ / SplicePost™ Replacement Parts
4-1/2" Diameter
Screw Terminal Base
8 to 60 Watts
Replacement Caps for Landscape LightPost™ and SplicePost™. Manufactured by Engineered Products.
Wedge Based Miniature Landscape Light Bulbs
7 to 27 Watts
Assorted Types
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