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Fluorescent Tube Light Bulbs

T12 Fluorescent T10 Fluorescent T9 Fluorescent
1-1/2" Diameter
14 to 60 Watts
1-1/4" Diameter
40 Watts
1-1/8" Diameter
20 Watts
T8 Fluorescent T6 Fluorescent T5 Fluorescent
1" Diameter
10 to 32 Watts
3/4" Diameter
25 Watts
Common Showcase Bulb
5/8" Diameter
4 to 54 Watts
T4 Fluorescent T2 Fluorescent U-Bend Fluorescent
1/2" Diameter
6 to 28 Watts
1/4" Diameter
6 to 13 Watts
T8 and T12
16 to 40 Watts
3" and 6" Leg Spacing
Circline Fluorescent Fluorescent Electronic Ballasts Fluorescent Tube Guards
Most Common Circline Bulbs
Assortment of ballasts for fluorescent lamps
T12, T8, and T5
Assorted Colors
Black Light 350 Linear Fluorescent Black Lights Westek Replacement Bulbs for Ultra Lights
4 to 40 Watts
350 Nanometer Wavelength
Assorted Types and Lengths
4 to 40 Watts
T5 to T12
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